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banner blue flax june 2016

 Blue Flax Flowers in Our 2016 Homestead Garden

The Infinite Bee - Cultivating Life

End of Season Flowers

mutant miriam_collageSeptember 25, 2013
By The Infinite Bee

The Heyokah Homestead flowers were amazing this year.  The perennials got more established and the re-seeding annuals found welcome homes all over the garden. Before my sweet husband and I left for our road trip to the North-West, I took pictures of the garden knowing it would undergo a big change while we were gone.  Click the “Read More” to see colorful images of Heyokah flowers at the end of their summer season.


button flowersButton Flowers

coneflower with daisyPurple Coneflower with Shasta Daisy   

cropped endurance sunEndurance Sunflowers that re-seeded from last year; endure they do!


double center pink cosmosTwo-layered Pink Cosmos - re-seeded from last year.
zulu daisy bbutton honeybeeA Zulu Daisy, Bachelor Button and Heyokah Honeybee

baby discovery just openingOne of the last Discovery sunflowers of the 2013 season.

peaflower sept16The shelling-pea vines were still making flowers when I took down the vines in mid-September.   


bouquet for a friendI made a big bouquet of flowers for a friend of mine who came home from a night in the hospital. She's doing great and loved the 'vibrant' flowers.



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